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People’s Daily online: Transformation of Conch Group from “Gray Manuf... 03/20/2019
Conch Cement ranks 103 on the Fortune China Top 500 list 2018 07/10/2018
Conch Cement ranks 31 on the Top 500 Chinese listed company of Profit 2... 07/04/2018
Conch Cement Ranks Second in 2017 of Top 100 Listed Companies 05/29/2018
Conch Provides Raw material for the Reconstruction of Sichuan after 17 ... 05/11/2018
[Anhui Daily Newspaper] Deep Plough Overseas, Turning the Drawing into ... 04/27/2018
【China Industry News】Conch Group Overall Layout and Global Developmen... 04/14/2018
Conch and other 8 companies were listed in the second green demonstrati... 01/22/2018
Conch Cement takes the "Most Valuable Public Company 2017 " and "Golden... 12/06/2017
Conch Cement ranks 74 on the top 500 Chinese public company list 2017 o... 12/05/2017
Tongren Conch Cement become the helpful assistant for local poverty all... 12/01/2017
This time, let us introduce Conch ‘Garden factory’ to you 11/22/2017
Conch people, Mr. Hu Wenzhao is selected on the list of October ‘ Mora... 11/14/2017
《China Cement》magazine: Conch Group implement new development philoso... 10/13/2017
China Building Material Daily : Conch Group makes a profit of 9.2 Billi... 08/11/2017
Conch and SDIC implement ‘the belt and road’ strategy hand in hand, w... 07/20/2017
《China Building Materials》:“the belt and road” footprint of Conch 06/09/2017
Conch Cement Obtains the honor of ‘Top 100 Hongkong stocks’ 04/19/2017
China have invested 50 billion US dollars at OBOR countries 03/07/2017
Qingzhen Panjiang Conch Project in Guiyang is Listed in National Pilot ... 11/28/2016
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