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Legal Noice

We notify that anyone who logs website and download all the information provided by the website is regarded to have agreed to comply the following articles. It's not allowed to use the information at the website if he refuses to accept.

Right Notice

The Copyright of all the information at the website belongs to the A.C.C(Anhui Conch Cement Co., Ltd) unless it is specified.

The Chinese version of web page is of first priority to be in use while the English version only services as a reference.


All the information included ,especially concerning the revenue , productivity , price of products and the prospects of the company is predictable ,the responsibility for the consequence of any behavior based on these information shall be taken by the individual who have undertaken it.

We have been revising all the information available at the website .Nevertheless ,we shall not explicitly prove the truthfulness ,simultaneity ,effectiveness ,stability ,validity of all the information .Meanwhile ,we shall not assure that information dose not violate the rights of some individual.

We shall not assure the stability of the processor and we shall not guarantee that the information at the website is available to be browsed,duplicated at any time.

For the sake of convenience we furnish some corresponding links which beyond the management of our company . Furthermore ,we shall not take responsibility for the links and its contents.

Privacy Protection

We shall protect the privacy of our clients and we respect  the privacy of our clients .We shall never gather any private information of our clients .We shall keep our promise not to release the information which is in need of .We shall keep our promise not to release the business information to a third part.


Any dispute and lawsuits caused by the website are to be in accordance with the law of PRC and they are to be managed by the court where our company  Locates.

Any parties shall agree with modification of the above articles due to any modification of the corresponding of PRC law.

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