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Conch Cement has already built several dozens of large-scale  cement grinding plant in the littoral developed region of east China and of south China, in order to make cement product sell to a end-marketplace directly for cutting down intermediate procedure and reducing transportation cost. The company participates in bidding for the domestic large-scale project activity and to introduce the company product widely for prompting performance of company, and to keep in touch with customer rapidly and closely for reinforcing the analysis and forecast to the marketplace and improving   flexibility and controlling ability to market.

“best product, sincerely service” are Conch Cement’s  sale  tenet, we provide sale service by our all cement plants and the market-offices everywhere,  thereinto included :


To provide actively information in connection with company profile , the product instruction ,delivery and payment procedure, and market statistics etc. to  investigate into your need situation for construction project, to invite you to our company for investigation. And to provide production sample for reference to your decision for order if you need.


The marketing service team which was composed of sales persons, logistics persons and quality experts. The team can provide the following service during ordering and making use of cement and clinker:

To provide technical advice and local technical support timely.

To track situation of making concrete closely by technician from concrete testing laboratory via our technology and equipment. And to provide technical support in time.

To know project progress at the regular intervals for making linkage for settlement of offering production plan in advance and assure delivering production timely and safely. To coordinate and deal with all various random events for ensuring construction project in progress normally and regularly.


To Provide guarantee certificate of cement and invoice timely; to Track using situation of cement , to collect the comments to production and logistics and service for solving various problem timely and effectively; to treat one another with respect and communicate openly and frankly in thoroughness for maintaining good relationship between customer and us.

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