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Export Business

Take advantage of the strong capacity and exceptional location and rely on professional port operation and chartering the Conch Logistics, Conch serial cement products have been successfully distributed to the throughout the world, like European, American, African, South East Asia around 50 countries and regions, as well as set up the long term and comprehensive strategy relationship, and it is regarded as the concrete foundation of Conch Cement internationalization.

Holding the spirit of “best product, sincerely service”, Conch Cement is always aiming to devote for Customers.

In Y2006, Conch Cement has been the Chinese largest cement and clinker exporter,in the meantime, it is regarded as one of the leading bulk cargo exporter.

Presently we are exporting from our own facilities, like Taizhou Yangwan, Zhangjiagang, as well as other facilities in the Yangze River and sea. Simultaneously, we have set up the strategic good relationship with various port stevedores.

According to the export strategy set by the Headquarter, Shanghai Conch Building Materials International Trade Co., acting as the Trading arm and actively joining in the international cooperation, world cement conference. In addition to that, periodically to meet with the International Cement producer, Trading partners, as well as worldwide ship-owners, to study into the international cement trend, cement trading feasibility, ocean freight trend, in order to consolidate as one of major cement role, in correspondence to the biggest cement producer of China in the world.

Look into future, Conch people will keep sharing the international cement market with strategic eyesight and continuous brave, under the concept of “creating a future living space for human beings”, to expand and make strong the export business.


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