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Energy Saving

Conch Cement has paid great attention on energy saving from the beginning of production line design. We are using the advanced energy saving equipment, like frequency conversion,energy-saving air machine, and so on. In aspect of technical design, we optimize the procedure, lower the air resistance, decreasing the numbers of materials transportation, in order to save electricity energy, To use the advanced calcining system, and add low heat coal, and the industrial waste, as well as other fuel, to minimize the resource using, which create considerable social profit. In the meantime, we invest a lot fund to build waste heat recovery power generation plant (WHG) to withdraw the waste heat from clinker producing, that achieve 40Kwhh electricity from unit tonnage clinker. In the daily work, we are always widely help experiments so that staff could actively share all information to save energy.

Through several years effort, we have made big progress in saving energy. During 5 years From Y2002 to Y 2006, Conch Cement has decreased 13% generally in ten thousand output value aspect, which bring great social value, as well as great enterprise value, realized win-win strategy accordingly.

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