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Production Process
Conch Cement production technics adopts advanced new dry process, via Central DCS control system, production process realize the whole automatization from miner exploitation to shipping at the port. Conch cement make great efforts to go in for the best production, pay more attention to the environment protect as well, strive to carry out the dealing standpoint“creating future life space for humanity”......
Waste Heat Power Generation
Low temp. WHG tech. in cement industry means, in clinker production of new type dry process and by means of waste heat recovery facility-waste heat boilers, exchanging and recovering a mass of waste heat contented in cooler exhaust gas and preheater exhaust gas, and producing superheated steam to drive turbine which will transform heat energy into mechanical energy, and finally driving the generator to produce electricity to be used in cement production......
Environment Protect
“creating future life space for humanity” is the business guideline and unremitting target of Conch Cement. Conch Cement not only focuses on promoting its production technology and enlarging its production scale to increase market competitive power, but also takes a intensive society responsibility and recognition of environment protection, afforesting, resource synthetically utilization, and aims for building a harmonic factory all along......
Energy Saving
Conch Cement has paid great attention on energy saving from the beginning of production line design. We are using the advanced energy saving equipment, like frequency conversion,energy-saving air machine, and so on. In aspect of technical design, we optimize the procedure, lower the air resistance, decreasing the numbers of materials transportation, in order to save electricity energy......
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