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Mr. Gao Dengbang Elected as New President of China Cement Association 07/24/2019
Conch Group Ranks among Fortune Global 500 07/22/2019
Chairman Gao Dengbang meets with Ian Riley, CEO of World Cement Associa... 07/15/2019
Chairman Mr. Gao Dengbang Attended the Signing Ceremony of New Material... 06/05/2019
Conch Cement Held 2018 Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 06/01/2019
Conch Group Was Awarded the Highest Rating in Evaluation of Performan... 06/01/2019
Conch Cement Ranks 407th in the Top 2000 Listed Companies in the World ... 05/17/2019
Battambang Conch Hold a Theme Party Celebrating the First Anniversary o... 05/09/2019
Battambang Conch Organized an Activity to Visit Needy Workers 04/18/2019
A Business Coordination Meeting Held between Conch Group and Anhui Inte... 03/26/2019
Guiding Conch Won Honorary Title of “National Civilization Post for Wo... 03/18/2019
Mr.Gao Dengbang Meets with Mr. Oybek, vice governor of Kashkadarya Prov... 03/05/2019
Site Meeting about Intelligent Manufacturing in Cement Industry of Anhu... 03/05/2019
Site Meeting about Intelligent Manufacturing in Cement Industry of Anhu... 03/05/2019
Mr. Gao Dengbang Meets with Mr.Nithi Patarchoke, Chairman of SCG from T... 02/28/2019
Mr. Xiao Qian,Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia, Visits Indonesia Conch 02/23/2019
Mr. Gao Dengbang Meets with Mr.Yu Zhangfa, Chairman of CITIC Heavy Indu... 02/21/2019
Mr.Gao Dengbang Meets with Mr.Zhou Longshan, Chairman of Board of Direc... 02/20/2019
A Delegation Led by Mr. He Shushan,Vice Governor of Anhui Province,Visi... 02/18/2019
A Delegation of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology(MIIT)... 02/15/2019
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